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Missing or incomplete episodes for programme THE GRAHAM STARK SHOW.

      • 09.06.64 with Betty McDowall, William Kendall, Arthur Mullard, Edwin Apps, Alma Cogan (missing)
      • 16.06.64 with Deryck Guyler, Rose Hill, John Gabriel, Paul Layton, Audrey Bayley (missing)
      • 23.06.64 with Arthur Mullard, Audrey Nicholson, Norman Mitchell, Jenny Willis, Martin King (missing)
      • 03.07.64 with Eve Boswell, Anthony Sharp, Derek Nimmo, Patricia Hayes, Rose Hill (missing)
      • 10.07.64 with Ronnie Hilton, Francis Matthews, Warren Mitchell, John Blythe, Lilian Grassom (missing)
      • 17.07.64 with The King Brothers, Colin Gordon, Francis Matthews, John Gabriel, Vanessa Latour (missing)
      • 24.07.64 with Dusty Springfield, Geoffrey Sumner, Rex Garner, Edwin Apps, Eileen Way (missing)

    All 7 episodes are missing.

    If the programme or episode you were looking for is listed here and you may be able to help the programme makers recover it, please let us know by clicking here

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